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Bikexplore | Why come with us | bikexplore.ro
Bikexplore | Why come with us | bikexplore.ro
Find out why you should come with us and live a day full of adventure on the mountain bike trails around Brasov city. Click here to read more...
come with us
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We love to explore and we are continuously looking for new and interesting trails, able to combine natural landscapes with cultural elements. After we get across a forest, climb a hill or just cruise some fields, we get rewarded: either a fortress, a 20 years old abandoned village or a winery where we can relax and do some wine tasting. We like to believe that there are special places waiting just for us: people with an adventure spirit.

Because we are always curious we renew periodically our trails portfolio so that you can always discover something new during the biking season.


What’s better than the feeling you get when you ride your bike? At Bikexplore we seek that thrill so all trails are maintaining a fair balance between distance and altitude gain, running on tracks that are suitable for both everyday riders and riders at a beginner level.



In a world in which we are constantly on-line, we aim to remind you how good it feels to be off-line, out in the middle of nature, connected just to yourself and charging your inner batteries to last a long, long time.



For us it is really important for you to feel sure and assertive on your bike in any condition and on any type of track. Therefore, every day we will have a skill-camp session, during which we will give you some tips with regards to cornering, descending or ascending.



We love the mountains, the forest and cycling and we want to share with you our passion for mountain biking. We make sure you feel safe on the bike routes, guided by the Bikexplore team, while you enjoy the scenery and practice your biker skills.


Doing sport out in open air has great benefits for health: it increases your body’s resistance to effort, increases lung capacity, tonifies your body and improves your sleep and mood. We choose carefully the accommodations so that you can have a good and healthy meal, a good sleep and a quiet place in order to wake up full of energy and ready for a new day!