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“It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them.”  
E. Hemingway



Founder Bikexplore

The Bikexplore story starts with Filip’s passion for nature, bikes and his curiosity to discover Romania.


“At the age of three, my dad put me on a bicycle for the first time and even today I get that same feeling when I pick up my bike for a ride. For the past ten years I’ve been actively participating at bike races, starting with downhill and slowly joining cross-country in the past years. I’ve had the best time of my life doing so, made a lots of friends and enjoyed all the aspects the bike provided me with.


Besides the rush the bike gives you and the racing spirit, my bycicle offered me the opportunity to develop my adventure spirit and the curiosity to go for longer and longer rides and discover Romania. Going on a day-long bike ride lets you fully focus and live the moment: you truly connect with nature, people and yourself.


I love so much this sense of total freedom, the enthusiasm when I discover new places and the relaxed nights by the campfire after a full riding day that I feel the need to share this joy and feeling with others through the Bikexplore project. Travelling by bike, making new friends and living close to nature are the things that make us feel alive.”


The Bikexplore Experience is a worry-free one: you choose your trail and we take care of the rest.
You only have to come with your bike to the starting point, ready for an off-line adventure.


Every bike ride becomes a story, let’s write it together!

We are all in,


for the joy of biking,


for living freely and fiercely,


for exploring the marvels of nature


and building true connections


by wandering trails that become stories


These are our essentials: are you in?


Let’s Bikexplore!

Nature Statement: RESPECT FOR NATURE 


Mother nature gives us so much: from life to pure joy so at the core of our brand stands the respect for it. As a thank you gift, for every wonderful ride we plant a tree.


trails becoming stories